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AeroPod is not only the most advanced power meter on the market, but AeroPod also is the ONLY power meter that can measure your aerodynamic CdA.

AeroPod is a sophisticated Power Meter:

  • Both-leg measurement with precision comparable to “gold-standard” power meters
  • Portable: moves easily from bike to bike
  • Simple to use: attach to handlebars, pair, ride
  • Includes PowerStroke left/right, front/back, side-to-side measurements for improved pedaling efficiency and economy
  • Transmits ANT power/slope/wind speed/CdA/Time Advantage measurements
  • Works with ANT+ bike computers, non-ANT bike computers such as Polar and Suunto, and iOS/Android smartphone bike apps

AeroPod is a sophisticated Aerodynamic CdA sensor:

  • Works with ANT+, both-leg, direct force power meters (DFPM)
  • On-the-road, live measurement of aerodynamic drag (CdA)
  • Three-digit display of CdA
  • On-the-road, live measurement of time gained/lost due to CdA changes (Time Advantage)
  • Measure/compare the aerodynamics of your bike equipment, accessories, clothing
  • Ride memory stores raw sensor data for after-the-ride analysis
  • Isaac software included for after-the-ride CdA analysis

AeroPod works with many ANT+/BLE devices

  • Garmin Connect IQ devices
  • Lezyne GPS bike computers
  • Raptor AR Smart Glasses (
  • Velocomp PowerHouse Bike app for iOS and Android

Have a TT bike with winged aero bars? We've got you covered!

Velocomp's optional under-the-bars TT mount allows you to attach AeroPod below the aero bar extensions.

What’s in the box

  • AeroPod sensor and pitot tube
  • PowerStroke upgrade
  • Mount for round, 31.8 mm handlebars
  • (OPTIONAL): Under-the-aerobars TT mount
  • USB cable
  • Isaac software for Mac/PC
  • PowerHouse Bike app for iOS/Android
  • Warranty

Additional items required, not supplied

  • ANT+ bike computer, or Raptor glasses, or iOS/Android Bluetooth Low Energy smartphone
  • Direct Force Power Meter (required for CdA measurement)
  • ANT+ Speed sensor (cadence sensor optional but recommended)
  • USB charger