STEP 1 :
Contact us to discuss your requirements. gsg@dhwagencies.com  01704 840 992
STEP 2 : 
Design process. We produce new designs or take your old one, copy or develop it until you are 100% happy with the final design.
STEP 3 :
Sizing.  We can advise on the sizing of our kit compared to your existing supplier and recommend your members measure themselves to compare to our sizing charts. We can also arrange samples for you to try at a Club fitting evening.
STEP 4 :
Ordering. We can now set up a team ordering store, giving your members an online portal/window to order at their leisure on all computers and mobile devices. You can also give us your bulk stock order if this is more convenient. We would take 50% deposit prior to placing the order with the factory. 
STEP 5 :
Production and Delivery. This will take around 6 weeks but can be as low as 4 weeks depending on time of year. All of our kit is produced in Italy and can be produced from sustainable materials on request.