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PowerPod V4 features include:

  • Simplified Setup and Calibration – just pair PowerPod V4 to your ANT+™ sensor and bike computer, then ride. PowerPod auto-calibrates every time you ride.
  • One power meter for all your bikes: PowerPod V4 moves between up to 4 bikes in less than one minute.
  • PowerPod V4 works perfectly with any road, TT, MTB, or gravel bike!
  • New: PowerPod V4 uses the same pitot tube as our top-of-the-line AeroPod, delivering improved cross-wind accuracy and better performance in rainy conditions.
  • Automatic Profile Selection – PowerPod V4 automatically figures out which bike you’re riding and adjusts its internal settings accordingly.
  • Dynamic Power Smoothing™ – PowerPod power numbers are smooth and stable when you pedal at a constant pace, but respond instantly when you surge.
  • Insights – PowerPod V4 is the only power meter in the world that records its raw sensor data – up to 768 hours worth! Download PowerPod V4 ride data to Velocomp’s Isaac software to view your power, wind, hill slope, and elevation information, second-by-second.
  • New with PowerPod V4: GPS Tracker feature records GPS data on your smartphone and merges GPS information into your ride file.
  • Optional left-right PowerStroke feature shows the quality of your pedal stroke.
  • New: PowerPod V4 ships with Velocomp firmware 8.0, delivering the latest improvements in PowerPod setup ease and on-the-bike accuracy.
  • PowerPod V4 transmits data to ANT+ bike computers, most non-ANT+ bike computers, and to bike computer apps on your iOS/Android smartphone

Simple Setup

Have we told you how easy it is to install your PowerPod? There’s no swapping out wheels, pedals or bottom brackets; who needs the hassle? It’s as easy as attaching PowerPod to the handlebars of the bike you’re riding today.

  • Attach PowerPod to your handlebars using the included GoPro-style mount. Still not sure? Check out the instructions.

  • Pair PowerPod to your ANT+™ speed sensor and ANT+™ bike computer (and/or BLE device).

  • Go Ride!

PowerPod V4 wirelessly sends accurate, both-leg power measurements to your ANT+™ bike computer, such as Garmin and Wahoo.

PowerPod V4 is also compatible with most non-ANT+ bike computers, such as Polar and Suunto. 

PowerPod V4 also sends speed/cadence/power to bike computer apps running on your iOS/Android smartphone.

Exclusive to PowerPod V4 is the “AeroPod CdA” ConnectIQ app for Garmin bike computers that displays real-time measurement of slope and wind speed while you ride. No other power meter, at any price, provides this useful information.

PowerPod V4 uses an advanced, patented combination of opposing force sensors that delivers both-leg measurement accuracy and consistency. In fact, PowerPod has the accuracy superior to one-leg power meters.

And, PowerPod V4 ships with Velocomp’s firmware 8.0, giving you the latest improvements in setup ease and on-the-road accuracy.       


PowerPod V4 Design

PowerPod V4 has only one button. Hit the button and a green light indicates that PowerPod V4 is on and ready to go.

You get about 20 hours of continuous riding before having to recharge PowerPod’s internal battery. Charging the battery is as simple as connecting your PowerPod V4 to any USB charger.

PowerPod V4 measures (and records) critical information about ride conditions that no other power meter, at any price, measures:

  1. Wind Speed
  2. Hill Slope
  3. Elevation
  4. Braking
  5. Drafting

More than a Power Meter

PowerPod V4 not only measures how much power you produce, but WHY you are producing it.

PowerPod V4 is the only power meter in the world that instantly and accurately measures hill slope, telling you the steepness of the hill you’re climbing.

PowerPod V4 is the only power meter in the world that instantly and accurately measures wind speed. On windy days you’ll not only know your power, but also the strength of the wind is you’re fighting.